Large Luxurious Vintage Persian Silk Heriz Rug 60034

Size: 13 ft 1 in x 19 ft (3.99 m x 5.79 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Rare Large Size And Luxurious Vintage Persian Silk Heriz Rug , Rug’s Origin: Persia, Date: Woven Around The Late 20th Century – This complex vintage silk Persian rug is truly impressive and a large size carpet. Elaborate geometric shapes, in bold hues, are woven against a bright coral pink background color with elegant white elements added for an exquisite crisp touch. The stunning detail combined with the silky texture of this luxurious rug, is a source of endless fascination and wonder.

A large and wonderfully rendered hexagon shaped diamond forms the central medallion within the field of this vintage Persian rug while idyllic images decorate each of the four corners. The intricate nucleus configuration is formed by dark tones of navy blue, rusty reds, pastel aquamarine, lemon yellow and earth tones.

The center contains a bright orange hexagon. This hexagonal medallion featured in this magnificently luxurious vintage Persian silk Heriz rug, is adorned with artistic floral decals in green and white. It is then surrounded by a white border layer that contains a beautifully structured array of flowers, vines and leaves. Finally, the outer layer is a silky navy blue surface with precisely rendered orange lines and a variety of exotic flowers.

The four corners of the central field of this fanciful vintage Persian silk Heriz rug are elaborately adorned with a white and gray blue landscape of bright flowers. A fancy blue speckled thread with white candy cane strips outlines the perimeter of this idyllic area.

Multiple border borders form the frame of the center of this magnificent silk Persian Heriz carpet. The widest strand is a rich blue colored silk fiber with a symmetrical arrangement of flowers in pastel hues of golden beige, cotton candy pink, crimson orange, light silver, titanium white and bright teal.

This breathtaking silk rug is sure to add a pensive and fascinating charm to any interior design setting. At the end of the day, it simply does not get much more exciting and luxurious that this breathtakingly impressive vintage Persian silk Heriz rug.

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