Large Blue Background Antique Turkish Oushak Rug 49108

Size: 14 ft 3 in x 19 ft (4.34 m x 5.79 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

True to the style of some of the best colorful antique Turkish Oushak rugs, this masterpiece rug focuses on establishing a powerful degree of negative space to allow the vibrant colors within to speak for themselves. The viewer is treated to a kaleidoscopic effect, where the sense of wonder permeates every layer of this magnificent Turkish rug. A smaller border leads into a larger one, which, in turn, leads to the center of the antique rug. All sections of this impressive rug are the same foreground motifs, and frolicking petals, dancing vines and wide, beautiful fronds define the landscape, all seemingly connected as they take the viewer on a journey through the twists and turns within.

Beautiful Large Blue Background Antique Turkish Oushak Rug 49108, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rugs, Circa Date: 1890 –  This brilliant blue antique Turkish Oushak rug from the 1890’s demonstrates the range of designs and colors that were at the disposal of this talented group of weavers. The colors and tribal design of this carpet would make it the perfect selection for a Boho chic or organic-inspired design theme.

The history of Oushak carpet weavers goes back to the 1500’s when the Turkish city of Oushak was established as a formal carpet production center. Access to superior wool that has a luminescent sheen, as well as access to a range of local dye plants, allowed it to produce the antique rugs that would soon become some of the most valuable and collectible in the world, and they remain so today.

One of the characteristics that set the antique Turkish rugs from Oushak apart is the variety of styles and designs that the weavers were able to produce. You can find a wide range from formal medallion designs to a more tribal design, such as this one. The designer of this carpet drew from a wide variety of motifs and regional influences that were available to them.

The placement of the motifs and colors suggests that this all-over design may have been carefully laid out on a pattern, due to its symmetry and repetition of the design. However, did also appears as if the artist sometimes added their own individual touch to the overall design. The result is a carpet that showcases the design capabilities and colors used by Oushak rug weavers, creating a delightful visual effect.

The breathtaking jewel tone rug colors and beautiful design of this carpet will not allow it to sit quietly in the background. Wherever it is placed, it will take center stage. This is why it is the perfect piece for a Boho design that uses layers of color and texture throughout the room. It would also make a beautiful piece for a more formal room to add depth and vibrancy to the design.

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