Large Antique Turkish Ghiordes Area Rug 70394


Size: 15 ft 5 in x 17 ft 4 in (4.7 m x 5.28 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Beautiful Large Antique Turkish Ghiordes Area Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa date: 1880’s – The magnificent antique Turkish Ghiordes rugs, get their name from the Turkish city where these rugs were woven – Ghiordes. Ghiordes is a town located in western Anatolia, which is now Turkey. Ghiordes is known for their beautiful handmade area rugs that are durable and highly prized for their breathtaking designs that tend to be more tribal in form and approach. This rug was created in the late 1880’s and has a classic Turkish design. Many of the rugs that were created during the late 19th century borrow from earlier designs of the Anatolian rugs of the Ottoman courts.

This rug features an all-over design with a repeating abstract flower and a somewhat organically amorphic approach to the famed paisley design pattern. The antique Ottoman textiles and rugs often feature a field of red and ivory, and this one uses warm colors that give it a cozy feel. The color palette of this Ghiordes rug is warm and at the same time vibrant. It will add energy to the space.

Ghiordes is known for its weaving technique that creates quite the strong, sturdy and durable area rug – more than the antique Turkish Oushak rugs that we tend to come across more regularly. The knots wrap around both vertical threads of a pair, instead of only one. This creates a strong carpet, but it is also more labor-intensive to create. That is one of the reasons why these magnificent antique Turkish rugs are so highly prized and valued.

One of the reasons why the antique rugs from Turkey are so loved is that they tends to feature bold and more primitive designs with happy and warm colors. The paisley, flower and vase motif on this rug represents fertility, abundance, and a garden in full bloom. This captivating happy and tribal antique Turkish Ghiordes carpet allows you to bring a touch of nature to the indoors and gives the home a feeling of tranquility.

This is a beautiful Turkish Ghiordes carpet for any home or office that features brilliant reds, pinks, and the colors of the summer sun. It has a tribal feel and lacks the formality and precision that you often find in area rugs made in weaving centers in the cities. Its tribal feel makes it perfect for a Boho Chic room. It would also fit nicely into a more formal setting, where it will help to give the space a more casual feel. This is a gorgeous tribal Turkish rug and will be perfect for any room of the home.

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