Large Antique Persian Kerman Garden Design Area Rug 3403

Size: 11 ft 11 in x 16 ft 1 in (3.63 m x 4.9 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Star forms filled with plants fruit trees, willows, and cypress repeat rhythmically across the magnificent field of the antique Lavar Kerman carpet from Persia.

Extremely Fine Large Antique Persian Kerman Garden Design Area Rug , Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – This beautiful large antique Persian Kerman rug is a masterpiece of subdued elegance and masterful artistry. The majority of the face of this beautiful Persian rug displays a stunning warm honey color tone. The blue additions create the perfect details of intricacy and style while the accents of light sky blue create a glimmering effect on the surface.

The most prominent feature of this breathtaking antique carpet is the stepped diamond garden design. This design draws the viewers eyes in a circular pattern that will inevitably end the very center of this beautiful Oriental rug. Upon closer examination we see that the stepped diamond design is comprised of a series of smaller diamond patterns. Showcased within these smaller diamonds we see a plethora of trees and floral elements.

This is one of the finest quality rugs one could hope to find. Area rugs as fine as this example are rare as they could only be created by true master weavers. That and the fact that it is signed with a marking that includes the term “ordered by” (followed by a name) would also point to the fact that this was more than likely a custom ordered / made rug for someone who wanted this rug made with no expenses spared. That is why this is a spectacular option for those buyers of rugs who are searching for more and beautiful rugs.

The complexity and denseness of the floral designs in the border is off set by the use of negative space in the deign of the field. This play on form and scale creates a magnificent artistic tension that is rarely seen is Persian rugs. So for those who are looking to own one the best rugs in the market today, this large antique garden design Kerman rug would make a phenomenal choice.

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