Large Soft Color Antique Persian Kerman Area Rug 50147


Size: 11 ft 8 in x 17 ft 3 in (3.56 m x 5.26 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

An Extremely Decorative Large Size With Soft Colors Antique Persian Kerman Area Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 — In South-Central Persia, Kerman boasts a tradition of carpet weaving that dates back to the thirteenth century. Due to a constant abundance of superb local wool, called Carmania wool, a wide diversity of well crafted rugs originated from this region. The fibers of Kerman rugs are known to be resilient and durable, with expertly blended colors. Finely executed vinery trails across the middle panel of this antique Persian rug. The curve-linear patterns are shaped into voluptuous medallions and swirling floral emblems, all encircled by an exquisite trellis of blossoms. A series of whimsical borders surround the central field. Each of these borders displays an organic pattern of stylized flowers and leaves. With a general color scheme of chocolate-brown, tan, off-white and black, there are also some touches of sage green. The total composition of this antique rug demonstrates an understated elegance.

The design of this extremely fine antique Persian rug is fascinating because it appears to have a central focus. But this focal point is understated compared to the designs surrounding it which make it far more of an all over design. In addition, the Persian rug weaver did not give the focal point symmetrical treatment on either side of the length of the large size rug. It has vertical symmetry, but not horizontal symmetry, which gives it the appearance of length.

Another interesting feature of the antique Kerman rug is that multiple formal borders are given as much attention as the central field of the large floral antique Persian Kerman rug. This highlights the overall geometric structure of the floral design of this rug and the placement of the smaller rug patterns.

This extremely fine high quality rug is beautifully executed in a way that brings a simple palette of rug colors together to create a highly detailed design, but yet does not get lost in the details. The weaver had to compensate for the size of the motifs and the rug, which is apparent in a few places in the borders where the design repeats and seems to have an extra motif slipped in. Area rugs that incorporate these features add to the charm and refined feel of this elegant piece of textile art.

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