Ivory Geometric Floral Design Vintage Swedish Kilim Rug 46851

Size: 6 ft x 10 ft (1.83 m x 3.05 m)

This delightfully folksy Swedish kilim captures the whimsical yet classical style of Scandinavia, which local weavers and national arts groups sought to revive.

Swedish Kilim, Scandinavia, Mid 20th Century – Representative of Sweden’s artistic heritage, this charming flat-weave rug features a wonderful variety of delicate floral motifs and geometric figures that are modern yet traditional. The whimsical garden-style field showcases opposing bouquets with grassy green cushions, angular leaves and decorative blossoms. Charming lily of the valley sprays separate the lively bouquets from the geometric stars and pendulous quatrefoil motifs that appear in the borders and central compartment. Sharp saw-tooth details and bright chevron stripes define the boundaries between the whimsical borders and the beautifully detailed central compartment. Bright sanguine reds and soft floral colors are tempered by the chalky gray field, which creates a posh backdrop for the vivacious botanical designs. The lovely combination of floral motifs and intricate eight-pointed stars is simple yet perfectly refined and in keeping with Sweden’s unique style.

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