Small Antique Persian Paisley Design Kerman Rug 71192

Size: 1 ft 3 in x 1 ft 8 in (0.38 m x 0.51 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Small But Impressive Antique Persian Kerman Paisley Design Rug, Origin: Persia,  Circa date: 1880 – Kerman has been a weaving center that has a reputation for creating some of the most beautiful rugs in the world. It was once a production center for the court rugs of the Safavid Dynasty. This tradition has continued for over 400 years, and the antique rugs from this area are favorites among oriental rug collectors. This one was created in the 1880s and has a few features that make it stand out.

This is a small decorative piece that features four boteh. The boteh is an ancient symbol that is known as the “seed of life” or “eternal flame.” It is a sign of regeneration and everlasting life. This symbol would later evolve to become what we now know as the paisley design.

Antique Persian Kerman rugs are known for their high level of detail and beautiful colors. The design of this paisley design rug has an abstract quality that is unusual for a piece from this area. Another design element that makes it stand out is the lack of seamless repetition of the motif. The definitive line between the pattern repeats is not typically found in the antique Persian rugs from this area.

This is a gorgeous piece in jewel tones with floral motifs throughout. Another unique feature that makes it stand out is the long, braided fringe on the ends. This piece might have been made as a ceremonial or decorative foundation for a mezze table or to highlight a decorative element. It is a perfect size for a buffet or to highlight the centerpiece of a formal table setting.

The small size of this rug allows it to be used as a wall hanging or accent rug. It would be a charming addition to traditional or Boho Chic décor. This piece is a beautiful addition to a formal room where it will add a delicate feel and make an accent piece. For those who want to add a Persian rug to their décor in a subtle way, this rug would make the perfect piece.

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