Imperial Dgragon And Bian Fu Bats Antique Chinese Rank Badge 46114

Size: 1 ft 2 in x 1 ft 2 in (0.36 m x 0.36 m)
Origin: China

This stunning antique Chinese rank badge features a circular dragon emblem surrounded by dramatic symbols and richly detailed motifs set over a square background.

Rank Badge, China, Antique – Chock full of auspicious symbols and beautifully executed motifs, this extraordinary imperial Chinese rank badge depicts a magnificent dragon with richly detailed facial features, dramatic extended claws, fiery accouterments and a glowing pearl. Five auspicious bian fu bats, which represent the five blessings of life, are carefully tucked into the lavishly decorated background. Spiraling ruyi-shaped clouds that have an airy fluidity are seamlessly blended among the frothy waves and dramatic sea motifs that decorate the lower segment of the field. A grand sun-like motif, which features symbolic pinyin characters, decorates the upper segment of the ornate circular emblem. The exquisite borders depict a partial repeat of an elaborate pattern with scrolling vines and poly chromatic bian fu bats set over an onyx background.

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