Green Color Abstract Minimalist Design Modern Flat Woven Persian Kilim Rug 60086

Size: 5 ft 5 in x 6 ft 7 in (1.65 m x 2.01 m)

Beautiful Green Modern Persian Flat Weave Rug. Country of Origin: Modern Persian / Circa Date: Modern – This beautiful green rug brings a natural feel to the interior of the home. Nordic styles and Scandinavian Modern emphasize the organic world and bringing the feeling of the outdoors inside. They also emphasize simplicity and balance within the interior of the home.

Colors such as creamy mushroom, meadow green, dragonfly, red pepper, and maroons are popular this year, and it is expected that the trend of mimicking nature in the interior space will continue for many years to come. This would be the perfect rug for pairing with black and white where it would add a touch of color. It would also be the perfect piece for browns or neutrals in the color scheme. Sage is a popular color for bedrooms and living rooms where a sense of calm and serenity is the desired effect.

This flat weave rug is the perfect complement to simple furniture with organic shapes and simple lines. It will complement many different tones of wood in the architecture and accessories of the space. The artist created interest through shifting tones and occasional stitching spaced regularly to give the piece rhythm and vertical motion, as well as a gentle flow horizontally. This rug could easily compliment in minimalist space or one that is contemporary and urban. In a Boho chic design, this piece will add a feeling of nature. It would also complement plant materials and other natural accessories.

Regardless of your design style, this rug brings a sense of the great outdoors to the interior. If you are a nature lover, whether your home is in an urban high-rise or a seaside cottage, this rug is the perfect complement to any decor style. It could be used in any room of the home from the living room to the bedroom, or even the bath or kitchen. It is a versatile piece and a modern work of art.

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