Geometric Vintage Isfahan Persian Gonbad Design Rug 51166

Size: 6 ft 8 in x 8 ft 8 in (2.03 m x 2.64 m)

Intricate Geometric Vintage Gonbad Design Isfahan Persian Area Rug 51166, KPSI / Approximate Knots Per Square Inch : 625,  Rug Origin and Type: Vintage Persian Area Rug, Rug Approximate Weaving Date / Circa: Late Twentieth Century – The Persian area carpets created in Isfahan ascertained the opulence and elegance of the Golden Age of Safavid Persia. The Safavid monarchs directly supported the art that was created in Isfahan, making it a thriving center of classical Persian art and culture. Today, vintage rugs that were more recently made in Isfahan are considered among the best rugs ever produced in Persia. These more recent vintage Isfahan rugs are smaller with silk warps, and some rugs are woven entirely in silk.

The more intricately designed vintage Isfahan Persian rugs, such as this example, wonderfully create an illusion of depth. The all-over design of the boteh ornaments circles and draw attention to the elaborate central rosette medallion. They swirl inwards towards the medallion to create dynamism. Delicate tendrils and small florals flow downward towards the center. This carpet, which was rendered based on the iconic Persian gonbad / mosque dome design rugs, will certainly bring life to any space.

This vintage Persian area rug is magnificently detailed with precise proportions and layout. Intricate tendrils and vines bring together all the beautiful, detailed floral ornaments. The Shah Abbasi palmettes are utilized throughout the field, surrounding the rosette. Each boteh also contains palmettes and floral ornaments, wrapped by tendrils. The finer Persian carpet features an array of colors that include midnight blue, red, ivory, blue, copper, and brown, on an ivory background.

The center consists of a beautiful rosette medallion that contains an eight-pointed star ornament in the middle. The star exquisitely combines dark and light colors. Midnight blue star with ivory, brown, and red floral center. The sky blue pendants and red highlights make the star a striking ornament within the dynamic, circular motion of the rug.

Persian Isfahan rugs commonly displayed a centralized medallion and dense arabesque ornaments. They were created with outstanding complexity and accuracy is evident in this rug. The intricate vintage Isfahan Persian rug is a beautiful, lively carpet that would be a great addition to any room. It brings charm and elegance befitting a modern space.

The vintage Persian rugs from Isfahan are renowned for their bold style and presence. The city of Isfahan has been a major location in the rug making world for many years, and enthusiasts of the city’s style have had the pleasure of beholding styles change from the traditional to the modern. In this vintage Persian rug, the modern motifs are visible with every instance of masterful threading. An illusion of depth is effortlessly created as the viewer’s vision shifts from the edges of the rug to the very heart of the masterpiece. Here, rounded feather motifs swirl around the core of the Oriental rug, until they disappear from view in their depth, giving way to a single round blossom as the focal point.

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