Geometric Pattern Neutral Grey Color Modern Flat Weave Central Asian Kilim Rug 801818493

Size: 9 ft 5 in x 13 ft 4 in (2.87 m x 4.06 m)

Modern Flat Weave Rug, Origin: Central Asia – This African-inspired handwoven wool flat weave rug is modern and chic. It has a pattern that is inspired by the pelts of zebras, but it is also reminiscent of a mid century abstract painting. The neutral colors make it perfect for contemporary design styles.

This modern flat weave rug has a geometric theme, but it is carried out in a way that mimics the organic flow of the lines created by nature. The simple geometric border adds to its tribal character and gives it a primitive feel. Layered patterns are a popular trend for Boho chic décor and to add interest to rooms that use a neutral palette. This rug will soften modern rooms that have furniture in simple shapes and open spaces underneath.

This modern carpet has an earthy and ethnic feel that would pair well with natural woods, baskets, leather furniture, and plants. It could also take on a more modern character in a room with all black and white furniture and accessories. The pattern adds interest, but the use of tone on tone neutrals also softens it a bit. The pattern adds a dramatic flair to the space, but it does so in a way that is gentler on the eyes. This carpet could easily carry bolder colors such as spice, golden yellows, emerald greens, or midnight blues.

The kilim rug is versatile and will take on a different look, depending on the other elements in the room. It has a timeless feel that is both modern and reflects ancient traditions at the same time. The asymmetric treatment of the design adds to the folk art character of this gorgeous piece. This rug is an abstract piece of art for your floor that will give the room an exotic look. Whether your home is a brownstone cottage or a modern penthouse, this carpet creates a cozy space with its neutral colors and its ethnic-inspired design.

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