Geometric Mid Century Modern Flat Weave Vintage Retro Scandinavian Swedish Runner Rug 47028

Size: 4 ft 2 in x 11 ft (1.27 m x 3.35 m)

This marvelous vintage mid-century kilim is an exercise in geometry and color and a brilliant example of modern design ideas applied to classical textile art forms.

Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Runner Rug, Country Of Origin: Sweden, Circa date: Mid-20th Century – Woven in a bold right-angle style, this striking Swedish rug is like a visual etude that explores the effects of color and form and investigates the magnetic relationship between negative and positive space, a brilliant example of the dynamism of vintage carpets. The elongated rectangular composition is filled with broken monochrome tiles that display heathery variegation and organic flat-weave textures. Bold color blocks with crisp stepped outlines decorate the neutral ground while coffered squares and contrasting accents create an intriguing layered effect and give the abstract designs a cheerful, playful appearance. Rivers of gravel-tone negative space flow between the stepped blocks, enhancing the boundaries between the monochrome tiles and creating secondary patterns that lead the eye across the elongated composition. This signed Swedish rollaken runner rug has a bold, artful appearance ideal for modern mid-century interiors and creative spaces.

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