Geometric Design Modern Transitional Rug 61042

Size: 7 ft 5 in x 10 ft (2.26 m x 3.05 m)

Geometric Design Modern Transitional Rug, Country Of Origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern – This gorgeous modern transitional area rug has an organic feel. The key to creating a captivating transitional design and space is by sourcing a selection area rugs that feature more neutral colors and somewhat simpler design motifs. This modern rug that was woven in Pakistan has an industrial design feel that complements Boho Chic, nature-inspired and urban modern interior designs.

Transitional interior design arose during the 1950’s when modernism began to make its way into interior spaces. Open-plan architecture and the concept of multi-purpose spaces emerged, but not everyone was willing to part with their favorite traditional pieces and heirlooms. Transitional rugs provided a way to unify the design and create a space that reflects a blend of interior styles.

Now, designers have taken the idea of transitional spaces further by incorporating a range of styles and eras. A transitional room features a clean style accented by pieces that create a cozy, welcoming feel. Differing shades of the main color create a balanced look. Sometimes, saturated colors punctuate neutral tones for contrast. Rugs like this makes a perfect foundation for a neutral room or one where the rug serves to tie a more vibrant color theme together.

Transitional style is characterized by a contrast between straight lines and curves. This rug creates a transitional feel by using curves and lines of various weights. The modern rug has a primitive feel, but it also embodies a distinctive modern character. Its abstract design has a graphic quality against a background of gently shifting muted tones.

Gray and blue are the new black in contemporary decor. Blues create a feeling of sky and water. This modern transitional rug is on the neutral and cool side of the spectrum and would blend well with other lighter colors throughout the space. It also sets the tone for adding a touch of saturated color in the accent pieces. This is a gorgeous transitional rug that will make a perfect addition to any room of the home where you want to create a curated collection of your favorite pieces.

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