Geometric Antique Persian Room Sized Serapi Rug 70297

Size: 10 ft 3 in x 11 ft 8 in (3.12 m x 3.56 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Majestic Room Sized Antique Serapi Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – This beautiful antique Persian Serapi rug was created around the turn of the 20th century in a small town that sits in the historical center of the carpet weaving industry. This carpet was produced in the village of Serab, which is located near the carpet weaving center of Tabriz.

Tabriz was established as a center of carpet weaving during the Safavid Dynasty in the 16th century. Formal schools were established in Tabriz that were specifically set up to weave the court carpets for the Safavid rulers. It is not surprising that many of the techniques and designs found their way into the smaller villages in the area.

Serab carpets are classed with rugs from the nearby city of Heriz. They have a classic layout that is derived from the patterns found in Tabriz. They are marked by crisp areas of geometric design that are delineated by brightly contrasting colors.

The carpets of Heriz often use the formal medallion design with layers of concentric background radiating from the center, as we see in this design. They also have formal corners and several elaborate borders. This carpet has the formal characteristics of a carpet that was woven in the cities. The design is resolved and carried out with precision, indicating that the design was more than likely drawn on a pattern that the weave followed.

Serapi carpets were known for their superior quality and tight weave. Their quality has such a reputation the term Serapi is used to mean a carpet of high quality. Serapi carpets also have several design characteristics that distinguish them from other Heriz area rugs.

In Serapi carpets, you often see stylized design motifs that resemble the tribal designs of Caucasus tribal carpets. For instance, in this carpet, some florals and leaves use a more angular style with stepped curves. This gives them a distinct tribal characteristic that is unique to Serapi carpets. You also find carpets in the area that are more tribal in nature, but this one has a more formal style, characteristic of being produced in a formal weaving center.

The colors of this antique carpet and stand out in their vibrant contrast. The dark center medallion forms a clear focal point. The use of the lighter ivory background towards the edges makes it appear spacious. This magnificent and splendid piece will give the room a formal feel. The reds and bright pinks give it a light and airy feel. This is a beautiful and versatile piece that will bring brilliant color and a unique design to any space.

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