Garden Design Modern Turkish Oushak Runner Rug 60394

Size: 4 ft x 23 ft 7 in (1.22 m x 7.19 m)

Beautiful Decorative Garden Design Modern Turkish Oushak Runner Rug / Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: NewTurkish Oushak rugs have a unique, enduring character that has made them favorites for several centuries. These beautiful Turkish rugs are a traditional decor element that has stood the test of time. Now, Nazmiyal’s Modern Turkish Oushak rugs brings these traditional motifs in delightful colors to contemporary styles. This rug draws inspiration from the Oushak garden-design rugs of the 17th century.

One of the more popular color combinations this year is blue and yellow. The colors of the sun and sky bring a feeling of optimism and hope. The modern rug features mellow tones that are perfect for adding a touch of color to a neutral room in grays, blues, and beige tones. It is the perfect accompaniment to modern overstuffed couches with rounded corners that are piled with throw pillows and textured blankets for contrast.

This captivating runner rug would be perfect for a wide, narrow hallway. It is also perfect for a long, narrow kitchen space, which has recently become popular in contemporary architecture. It has an updated, modern look that relies on tradition, but presents it in a way that is perfect for creating a style in your home that is urban and contemporary.

The beautiful area rugs from the Modern Oushak Collection bring the delightful motifs and themes of the ancient world to modern interiors that are softer and more serene. They are made on a scale that is more in alignment with contemporary space proportions than their antique predecessors. The natural color palette is the perfect way to create a sanctuary for relaxation. This rug is the perfect accompaniment to modern styles such as Eco-Chic, Wabi-Sabi, and Nordic styles. These styles rely on elements that evoke feelings of the natural world and bring them to the interior of the home.

This garden rug is a blend of traditional and contemporary taste, making it perfect for adding layers of texture and subtle color to any room of the home from the bedroom to the living room. It is a versatile piece that would make the perfect accompaniment to accessories made from natural materials, plenty of plants, and simple furniture with wide-open spaces underneath. This garden design modern Turkish Oushak runner rug will spark your creativity and allow you to create a design that is a true expression of you.

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