Floral French Style Aubusson Rug Design From China 44702

Size: 7 ft 11 in x 10 ft (2.41 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: China

Modeled after 18th century textiles and botanical drawings, this magnificent modern Aubusson rug features airy floral motifs rendered in an elegant painterly style.

Modern, Chinese Aubusson – This modern Aubusson rug depicts a striking selection of naturalistic branches and flower-laden sprigs that are arranged in a timeless yet contemporary composition that highlights the buff ecru field beautifully. Reminiscent of dramatic Chintz florals and Baroque tapestries, this modern Aubusson carpet showcases a stunning variety of dramatic blossoms, dainty budlets and blushing berries that are set among a background of delicately colored leaves. The woody brown branches, veined foliage and dimensional petals are superbly colored. Inspired by antique botanical motifs, this modern Aubusson rug is drawn in an elegant style that incorporates dimensional shadows and nuanced color variations that imbue each motif with a level of realism similar to the painterly tapestries woven throughout pre-industrial Europe.

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