Finely Woven Oversized Artistic Art Deco Influenced Pattern Blue and White Antique Persian Kashan Rug 43602

Size: 16 ft x 27 ft 10 in (4.88 m x 8.48 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This elegant Persian Kashan has an allover design of ivory rosettes set against midnight blue field.

Behold the exquisite craftsmanship of our finely woven large oversized antique Kashan Persian rug, originating from Persia and dating back to the early 20th century. This truly unique antique Oriental rug, a testament to the artistry of Persian rug-making, stands as an exceptional achievement in the world of carpets. With a charm reminiscent of early Art Deco carpets from China, this elegant Persian Kashan boasts an allover design featuring ivory rosettes against a midnight blue field.

The simplicity of the design is enhanced by the lustrous silky wool, creating an open and graphically appealing aesthetic, while the plush, rich pile adds to its overall allure. Framed by a sea foam border and surrounded by a midnight blue guard stripe, this antique rug possesses qualities highly coveted by collectors. Its distinctive design and lovely composition elevate it beyond a mere floor covering, transforming it into a genuine work of art that would make a proud addition to any home. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home this exceptional piece that seamlessly blends history, design, and artistry.

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