Fine Weave Floral Pattern Room Size Antique Indian Area Rug 49514

Size: 9 ft 3 in x 12 ft (2.82 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Beautiful Floral Room Size Antique Indian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: India, Circa Date: 1910 – This antique rug has an enchanting floral pattern to it that is hard to resist. The beautiful antique Indian rug displays unsurpassed intricacies by drawing out whimsical bright and happy pops of color.

The wide darker navy blue colored border frames the lighter earth tone colored field and adds a some beautiful juxtaposition to the overall artistry. The open intricate floral rug design is somewhat familiar as it resembles some of the designs we expect to see in the fine antique Persian rugs. But unlike the more classic floral Persian rugs, the way weaver of this Indian room size rug decided to combine the colors, and layout the pattern, is quite unique. It as if the weaver wished to give us an older classic look with a modern upbeat twist.

So if you are looking for an antique room size rug that is unique, different and one that bridges the gap between the old and new, then this magnificent antique piece is worth worth noting.

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