Fine Soft Color Large Vintage Tabriz Persian Floral Silk and Wool Rug 51029

Size: 11 ft 3 in x 16 ft 8 in (3.43 m x 5.08 m)

A Beautiful And Extremely Refined Soft Color Large Size Silk and wool Vintage Tabriz Persian Floral Rug, Knots Per Square Inch: 500, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – The majesty conveyed by the exquisite detail of this vintage Persian Tabriz rug will make any room feel important. Based on the quality of the weave, the intricacy of the pattern and the magnificent use of colors, this vintage Persian rug can only be described as captivating and was more than likely a custom made area rug. The use of the light colored snowy white background, against which, the slightly more richly colored design patterns are laid out, creates a breathtaking subtle juxtaposition as well as an exciting scene of movement.

The refined and intricate central medallion design of this silk and wool rug makes a classy statements. While not mirrored, both the central medallion as well as the main border, incorporate the same approach to their design and coloration. This extremely sophisticated and thought out amalgam of design and colors create a magnificent subtle artistic tension between the border and medallion. The result is a feeling as though we are guided and lead to the center of the large size rug, after which we calmly float outwards.

Further emphasizing the central focus of the design are four encroaching corner design elements in the main body of the Persian rug. These elements use subtle color changes to create slight differences which, in turn, adds a remarkable amount of artistic impact. The softly colored floral design border, is simply the most perfect way to frame this grand and fine Persian Tabriz rug.

Through the use of gentle coral and pale beige, the artist behind this beautiful and fine vintage Persian rug creates a powerful degree of contrast that is easy on the eyes. The similar airiness that the two colors share make the display all the more enticing, and the graceful use of flourishing floral rug motifs throughout unify the space, in this fine vintage Persian Tabriz rug further. The perfect symmetry of this silk and wool Persian Tabriz rug gives it a sense of formality and a palatial quality. That said, the use of happy and more upbeat colors, make it a strong contender for most interior design approaches.

This majestic silk and wool Persian Tabriz rug adds a sense of nobility and class to any home. The intricate floral designs, within the larger shapes look like the walls of a grand palace.  No matter where you put this breathtaking silk and wool Persian Tabriz rug, it will surly garner much love, attention and appreciation. This magnificent vintage rug is a truly spectacular and luxurious rug and a wonderful work of textile artistry.

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