Fine Large Size Vintage Silk and Wool Pile Classic Blue and White Color Persian Nain Rug 60029

Size: 11 ft 8 in x 16 ft 6 in (3.56 m x 5.03 m)
Style: Nain Rugs

Breathtaking And Extremely Finely Woven Vintage Silk and Wool Large Nain Persian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – This stunning Large size vintage silk and wool Persian Nain rug is a truly marvelous masterpiece. The sheer complexity of its surface design is a source of magnetic allure and profound visual inspiration. Exuberant floral patterns in several different shades of blue and touches of rich hues of crimson red embellish a smooth snowy white cream background. The center field of this vintage Persian rug features a large and intricately designed discoid medallion that combines the different surrounding design elements in an exquisite and breathtaking fashion.

The border is an elaborate array of ornate semi geometric shapes and fancifully rendered floral designs. Reminiscent of the mihrab prayer design rugs, half circle figures, with pointed edges that face the central area, are clustered together and surrounded by delicate navy blue ornaments. The main border is then sandwiched between two thin strands of light silvery grey blue color.

The central field of this spectacular large Nain Persian rug exposes more of the cream background, but its embellishments exhibit an even greater degree of artistic complexity than the border. Each corner is adorned with a large ornament that comprises a complex weave of crimson red threads. Smaller figures of the same design, which are more heavily drenched with this rich hue, are placed along the edge of the frame.

The nucleus is a large circular shape with a kaleidoscopic pattern of red and blue design elements. An intricate wreath surrounds this nucleus, and the space in between the two layers is decorated with a detailed pattern of flowers and leaves. This masterpiece displays both idyllic delight and sophisticated charm, and it is sure to add an elegant impression to any interior space.

The crispness of the design is a testament to the finesse of the weave of this magnificent Persian rug. The silk highlights really shine and pop with excitement and vigor. The openness of the Islimi arabesque design gives the overall large Nain Persian rug a feel of regal openness.

For those individuals who are looking for extremely fine weaves and classic elegant designs, this piece will surly be hard to beat. While it features a very classically Persian design, the colors give it a more decorative and transitional feel.

That is why this large Nain Persian rug can work great in almost any interior design setting. Weather traditional or modern, this large size rug is the type of silk and wool carpet that will enhance everything around it without overpowering.

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