Fine Border Design Persian Tabriz Runner Rug 45238

Size: 2 ft 6 in x 11 ft 4 in (0.76 m x 3.45 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This tremendous rug from Tabriz features an elaborate border pattern surrounded by narrow guardbands and decorative end pieces arranged in an isolated composition.

Tabriz, India, Contemporary – Woven in Tabriz, this elaborate Persian rug features an isolated border pattern surrounded by multiple sets of narrow guard-bands. This fantastical border pattern features reciprocating vine-scrolls and grand palmettes linked by florid vines decorated with wild animals and traditional combat scenes. Serpentine cloud-bands and minute floral motifs decorate the obscure background surrounding the grand palmettes and arching branches. Interwoven vine-scrolls featuring poly-chromatic palmettes and vermilion accents decorate the borders that surround the elongated field. Narrow borders and decorative end pieces embellished with ornamental birds perched on filamentous vine-scrolls create a final enclosure that contrasts the richly colored field.

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