Fine Artistic Tribal Geometric Antique 17th Century Azerbaijan Caucasian Textile Embroidery 3245

Size: 2 ft 4 in x 3 ft 9 in (0.71 m x 1.14 m)

This magnificent antique Oriental Azerbaijan embroidery from the Caucasus has a star medallion sprouting diagonal rams horns and palmettes derived classical Persian rug designs.

Antique Caucasian Azerbaijan Textiles– Antique Azerbaijan Caucasian Rug from Transcaucasia, 17th centurySilk embroideries of this kind are highly prized by collectors of Early Caucasian textiles and rugs and textiles. Not only are they exquisitely beautiful in design, color, and execution; they also appear to have originated many of the designs utilized in later Caucasian village rugs and carpets. This one consists of a central eight-pointed star medallion sprouting diagonal rams horns and palmettes, and two large floral finials above and below. These seem to be geometric translations of classical Persian floral patterns. The remaining areas of the deep blue ground are tightly packed with smaller space-fillers of stylized floral or possibly animal form. In time the patterns on this embroidery would give rise to the Alpan, Zeichur, Perepedil, and Lori Pambak antique Caucasian rugs of the nineteenth century.

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