Fine Antique Room Size Persian Tabriz Area Rug 90032

Size: 10 ft 8 in x 13 ft 6 in (3.25 m x 4.11 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful and Extremely Fine Weave Antique Room Size Persian Tabriz Area Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – This captivating carpet from Tabriz was created around the year 1900. It uses an intricate, millefleur design and beautiful colors to create a piece that is elegant and refined. The design is complex and demonstrates the skill and artistry of the Tabriz weavers.

This carpet was produced during a time when the Persian carpet weaving industry was experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Master weavers were producing beautiful works that were as spectacular as those produced by weavers almost 500 years earlier during the Golden Age of the Safavid Dynasty.

This masterful design requires a carpet with a very fine weave to carry out such high levels of detail. The range of color is a testament to the skill of the carpet weavers throughout the process. The colors are bright and vibrant, yet they are used in a way that is subtle and delicate.

The design is based on spirals and swirls carried out using a combination of heavy and delicate lines. These form the main structure of the design, which is supported by the inclusion of floral motifs in various sizes. This carpet took an incredible amount of planning and craftsmanship to carry out. Many of these carpets took a year or more to produce and a team of weavers that were highly trained in their tasks.

This is a stunning antique carpet that required mastery in the design and execution of the final piece. It is a high-quality piece with an unusual design. This carpet is a rare find and would be the perfect addition to any collection or décor style. It would bring an elegant and sophisticated touch to the room and is one that would inspire awe in any who sees it for the first time.

This carpet is one of those spectacular pieces where color and design come together in a way that you do not find it very often, even among the works of master weavers. Even though we do not know the name of the person who created, their skill and artistic abilities are apparent in this piece. This would make an excellent addition to any collection or interior design.

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