Extremely Fine Weave Small Size Antique Luxurious Silk Pile Persian Tabriz Paisley Design Rug 71488

Size: 2 ft x 3 ft (0.61 m x 0.91 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Classically Beautiful Finely Crafted Antique Silk Persian Tabriz Rug, Country / Origin: Persia, Date / Circa: 1900 – Tabriz was once known as a carpet weaving center that created the classic rug designs and patterns of the Safavid Dynasty. The antique rugs designed and created by artistic Persian rug weavers in Tabriz, have inspired other fine antique Persian area rugs throughout the centuries, and they continue to do so today.

This gorgeous, small piece was made around the turn of the century and has a luxurious high-end look and feel that is rooted in history. It is made from silk, which makes the rug in an exclusive class and a rare find. Silk was once considered so valuable that it was used as currency in some parts of the world. The fibers can be spun into extremely fine threads. This gorgeous Persian silk area rug is small enough to serve as an accent rug, or you could easily mount it on the wall.

The grays, warm reds, and pinks make a perfect way to add color to your contemporary, neutral room design. You could easily use it as an accent rug or to serve as a central theme for the rest of the accessories and colors throughout the space. The antique Persian area rugs of Tabriz were once known as some of the finest in the world. This carpet features the boteh design, which is similar to modern paisley patterns. It is a symbol found in ancient traditions and represents the “eternal flame” or “seed of life.” This symbol is found throughout many rug weaving traditions and parts of the world, but its meaning is universal.

The fine silk pile area rugs have a luster that brings light to the room. This piece has a formal quality that will pair well with traditional furniture and fine antiques. You could also use it as an accent piece in a layered Boho Chic look. This antique silk Persian Tabriz rug features a classic Persian style design that is timeless and is perfect for adding a touch of classic history to any room of or home decor.

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