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Our New Zealand clients are invited to view some of the most popular rug and carpet styles from our collection:

The Nazmiyal Rug Collection consists of a large selections of vintage, modern and antique area rugs. Over the years, we have sold and continue to sell, some of the very best area rugs in the world to our New Zealand clients, rug dealers and store, fine and antique New Zealand rug collectors and the very top high-end and luxury interior designers throughout all of New Zealand territories.  The backbone of this phenomenal rug collection is the comprehensive older rug inventory that includes both vintage area rugs and some of the rarest most captivating handcrafted antique area carpets that people could shop anywhere in the world. (online or off).

From Parnell to Queenstown-Lakes District and Auckland to Herne Bay – for years we have been selling some of the best antique, vintage and modern area rugs to effluent private consumers, some of the top luxury interior designs as well as to keen rug collectors throughout New Zealand. If you happen to be a Kiwi who loves the art of rugs, then you have come to the right place. You can search our inventory and if you happen to buy rugs form us, you will not be charged for shipping. This is our way of showing our New Zealand customers the love and appreciation that they deserve.

Below, our wonderful Kiwis can review just some of the trending and more in demand types of area rugs and beautiful handmade carpets:

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