Earthy Brown And Neon Green Color Modern Tribal Turkish Oushak Area Rug 418907329

Size: 10 ft x 14 ft 2 in (3.05 m x 4.32 m)

Modern Oushak / Country of Origin: Turkey / Circa Date: Modern  – This gorgeous modern Oushak carpet is earthy and organic. Oushak is one of the oldest weaving centers in the world and has been creating carpets for kings and noblemen for several hundred years. Oushak carpets are known for their beautiful colors and magnificent traditional designs. They are known for their durability and excellent wear characteristics. The traditions of the Oushak weavers continue with this modern collection.

This carpet was created using traditional weaving techniques and designs that are based on those found in traditional Oushak carpets, only with a modern touch. The carpet uses natural greens and browns that would be perfect for a nature-inspired room. The artist used natural color shifts to mimic the organic world throughout the piece. This rug is a piece of artwork that appears as if grass has grown over a traditional Oushak rug.

Oushak rugs have traditionally been known for their creative use of color and design. This still holds true, and this rug is a beautiful example of their newest work for contemporary settings. This rug is an abstraction of a traditional design that will add bold, saturated color to a neutral room.

The colors are intense and will work well in a room with saturated jewel tones such as maroons and deep blues. It is the perfect match for nature-inspired accessories and furniture that uses rich woods and natural materials. One of the latest trends in interior design is bringing in elements that mimic the organic world.

Oushak carpets are also known for their soft wools and a texture that is gentle to the touch. This modern carpet is supple and has an excellent feel underfoot. It would make the perfect addition to your contemporary home that needs a touch of nature.

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