Diamond Design Black and White Modern Rug 11394

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Size: 8 ft 4 in x 11 ft 2 in (2.54 m x 3.4 m)

Divine Diamond Design Black and White Modern Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs  – If you have been thinking about adding a touch of drama to your contemporary space, this rug is a perfect beginning to the design. Its bold, black-and-white design features large-scale elements that make a statement in the space. Black and white is a classic combination that never seems to go out of style, but there is nothing that says you cannot always go bigger when it comes to making a dramatic impression.

The obvious choice for this piece is in a black-and-white space, but if this is not your cup of tea, it holds many exciting possibilities. The first one is that it could be used to add a dynamic feel to a neutral space. It will add a darker tone to a room in shades of gray or soft clues. If bold is what you prefer, you might try adding primary red and yellow to the gray and white palette.

White and black are colors that are neutral enough to support almost any side of the color wheel. You could create a palette with plums, burgundy, or vibrant greens. Depending on how you pair it, a black-and-white palette can take on a more subdued feeling, or it can take center stage. One thing that stands out the most about this piece is its ability to support a wide range of modern design styles.

The classic pattern of the rug also gives it an ethnic feel that would be an excellent match for a leather sofa or a few animal prints throughout the space. You could use it to tie together your collection of treasures from around the world or create a space that is a work of modern art. How you choose to use the rug is only limited by your imagination, but anyway, you look at it, this rug will be sure to be the topic of conversation for many years to come.

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