Decorative Garden Design Modern Turkish Oushak Runner Rug 60393

Size: 4 ft 1 in x 23 ft 6 in (1.24 m x 7.16 m)

Amazing Decorative Garden Design Modern Turkish Oushak Runner Rug / Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Modern This magnificent, modern Oushak area rug has a timeless feel that reflects ancient design traditions and blends them with contemporary trends. The older Turkish Oushak rugs have been a favorite among collectors for many centuries. They were coveted for their bold, stylized renditions of classic Turkish rug motifs and their vibrant color combinations. This modern piece reflects these motifs in a way that honors the originals and renders them in a way that is perfect for modern interiors.

The colors of the long runner rug have a traditional feel, and they are the perfect match for color trends that include Mosaic Blue, Cinnamon Bark, Biscay Green, and Golden Yellow. The washed out, faded look gives it a timeless quality and allows it to add subtle color to gray, blue, or white walls. It has an earthy, spicy feel that would make it perfect for a long, narrow kitchen accented with bamboo and natural materials.

This is a long and narrow modern area rug that is perfect for creating a spectacular entranceway. You could also use it in a wide hallway or as an accent rug along a long wall. One of the reasons why designers loved Oushak rugs through the ages is that they borrowed elements from the formal, city weaving centers surrounding the area. They had the symmetry and formal qualities of a city carpet, but they were stylized in a way that gave them a primitive, tribal feel, too. This rug captures the flavor of the traditional Oushak rugs, and it could be used in a formal room setting, or in a more casual one.

This area rug has a natural feel that would be the perfect addition to an Eco Chic or nature-inspired Wabi-Sabi style room. In a room with nature-inspired accessories made of wood, stone, and handwoven throws, this modern Turkish Oushak runner rug will create the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and restoration. Its tribal feel also makes it perfect for a Boho Chic style or other tribal-inspired design. It would add a touch of color to a room of light grays and neutrals. This rug sparks the imagination and makes the perfect start for creating a space that is a comfortable retreat from the world.

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