Cream Geometric Stripe Modern Distressed Rug 60793

Size: 13 ft 5 in x 16 ft 11 in (4.09 m x 5.16 m)

Charming Cream Geometric Stripe Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous modern rug in cream and natural tones will transform your home into a timeless treasure. The design of the modern distressed rug has an abstract feel, but you can see the influences of ancient tribal traditions woven into its threads. The design of the rug is inspired by the traditional rugs woven by the Berber tribes of Morocco.

These traditional rugs have been a part of the culture of these ancient cultures for centuries. The artist who created this piece drew from the meandering designs that are often in brown, or more brightly colored, against a cream background. Berber rugs are known for their soft pile and warmth. The artist also paid honor to this characteristic including a high and low pile that gives the rug a soft texture underfoot.

This is a large size rug that could easily set the tone for many different styles that are popular today. Rugs of this type are often included in Mid-century Modern designs to add a touch of nature and primitive feel that contrasts with the ultra-modern minimalist furniture that defined these style trends. The clean lines of contemporary sofas and other furniture pieces will allow you to use this rug as the foundation for creating a similar look, only in an updated and fresh way.

One of the best features of this rug is that it ties traditional and modern art design together into the same piece. This allows it to serve as a bridge in a room that features both antique and modern pieces. You can use this modern rug from Afghanistan to create a space that suits your style whether you are on the traditional side or you tend to favor minimalist modern designs. If you happen to be one of those who is a little bit of both, you might have just found the perfect rug to create a bridge between different styles of furniture.

The rug has a calming natural feel that will allow you to create a sanctuary in your space. It is the perfect foundation for an inspired home office space, or for a place for gathering family and friends. The design of the inspired Moroccan rug reflects ancient traditions but gives them a modern look that is perfect for today’s popular style trends.

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