Contemporary Geometric Tribal Design Modern Rustic Area Rug 11778

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Size: 13 ft 4 in x 16 ft 3 in (4.06 m x 4.95 m)

A Beautiful Contemporary Geometric Tribal Design Modern Rustic Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – This eye-catching tribal rug is a modern piece based on centuries-old traditional designs. The colors are warm and earthy, and the design feels primitive and ancient. This year, two of the words you will be hearing about are sustainability and nature-inspired design elements. Themes explore the connection between man and the natural world. They also explore the world of plants and animals to create an organic feel.

This rug honors the natural world with its magnificent earthy colors and primitive motifs. This artisanal piece uses ancient symbols that had a special meaning for those who created these beautiful masterpieces long ago. In this rug, you can see the symbol for the scorpion which is meant to protect the owner of the rug from the sting of this animal’s tail. The hyacinth is represented and stands for regeneration and rebirth. The eight-pointed star is the symbol of spirituality, and it also brings good fortune.

You can find many more symbols if you look closely. Even the colors in traditional tribal rugs had meaning. For instance, brown stands for fertility and abundance. Yellow stands for the sun and represents power. Blue represents solitude and the afterlife. This is a modern piece, but many of these meanings still hold today.

Designers often use blue and brown to create rooms that have an earthy and peaceful feel. The artist softened the colors found in traditional tribal rugs to make them suitable for contemporary tastes. This rug blends the ancient past with modern style trends. This rug will give the room an exotic feel.

This year, the trend of using layers of texture to create a cozy and inviting space continues to grow. This rug would be a beautiful foundation for a room that features other pieces that remind you of the natural world or that have a soft touch. Whether your style is Boho Chic or Eco-chic, you will love this tribal-inspired treasure.

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