Classic Tribal Geometric Pattern Bold Antique Turkman Bag 47232

Size: 1 ft x 2 ft (0.3 m x 0.61 m)
Style: Yomut rugs

From the family of Turkmen torbas, or bags, this tribal creation has a specialized form with striking designs that flatter the unique composition and arched bottom.

Turkmen Rug, Central Asia – Exuberantly decorated, this marvelous antique Turkmen pile bag is an inextricable part of the design traditions and lifestyle of this important tribal group. This distinctive Turkmen bag is part of the torba family, which includes beautifully decorative bags with very specialized sizes and functions that are intrinsic to the nomadic lifestyle. Expressive decorations give this tribal bag a lively appearance, complete with barber-pole stripes, selvage edge pieces and hanging loops. Zigzagging figures with stepped edges and clear contrasting colors create a wonderful counterchange effect. These zigzagging designs are accompanied by graphic borders filled with interconnected arthropodan motifs. Rusty reds and robust crimson hues are juxtaposed against saturated blues and fleecy white accents that are an important part of the Turkmen color palette.

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