Classic Red and Blue Antique Room Size Tribal Persian Heriz Serapi Medallion Rug 42919

Size: 9 ft 8 in x 12 ft 5 in (2.95 m x 3.78 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This Heriz-Serapi carpet features intense geometric designs, exceptional earth-toned colors and unique variations on traditional designs.

Antique Room Size Persian Heriz Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – The field of this antique Persian rug, a tribal antique Heriz Serapi rug, is framed by multiple guard-bands featuring traditional Persian patterns and dark main borders decorated with a pronounced turtle pattern and geometric vine-scrolls. A accentuated quatrefoil medallion, Heriz-style spandrels with recurving scrolls and a stepped lozenge defined by checkered protection symbols decorate the chestnut-colored field. In addition to the ancient geometric patterns and protection symbols that decorate the earthy brown field, this carpet features an exquisite combination of Persian blue and jade green accents.

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