Classic Navy Blue and Ivory Color Antique Floral Room Size Chinese Rug 46194

Size: 10 ft 2 in x 13 ft 8 in (3.1 m x 4.17 m)
Origin: China

Beautifully drawn and composed, this sophisticated antique Chinese rug features a meandering allover arabesque that revolves around lush chrysanthemum blossoms.

Antique Chinese Rug, Origin: China, Circa: Early 20th Century – This regal antique Chinese rug showcases a stunning floral arabesque with multiple repeats. The fairly dense allover pattern features lush floral vine scrolls with articulated flourishes and thickened leaflets. Each warm ecru-colored chrysanthemum blossom is enhanced by exquisite shading that sets these important motifs off from the subtler filigree pattern, which is set over a magnificent midnight blue field. The elegant inner borders feature lush lotus blossoms and tonal vine scrolls that complement the main borders beautifully. Chic lotus blossoms set among a background of flourishing vine scrolls create a harmonious border pattern that reverses the sophisticated color scheme featured within the elegantly drawn field.

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