Classic Flat Woven Antique French Louis The XIV Style Aubusson Carpet 43641

Size: 9 ft 8 in x 12 ft 7 in (2.95 m x 3.84 m)
Origin: French Rugs

This arresting antique Aubusson preserves a tradition of design originating in the court workshops of Louis the XIV.

Antique French Aubusson Carpet, Origin: France, Circa: Middle of the 19th Century – Here is a beautiful and exciting antique carpet – an antique Aubusson carpet that was woven in France during the middle years of the nineteenth century. Generally speaking, antique Aubusson rugs and carpets from France are among the more important and sought after of all western rug styles. This arresting antique Aubusson preserves a tradition of design originating in the court workshops of Louis the XIV. At the center a series of leafy branches outline an open ivory oval medallion surrounded by a dark tan frame defined by undulating rococo C-scrolls. A magenta acanthus scroll provides an added accent. Acanthus scrolls define the main frame with an outer zone of black and an inner area of celadon. Corner-pieces echo the ivory ground and naturalistic floral bouquets of the central medallion. While the design is classic Aubusson, the richer more vibrant coloration is unusual among carpets of this kind. A beautiful example of an important European style of rug weaving, this antique Aubusson carpet is a lovely and graceful creation.

Here at Nazmiyal Collection, we sell the very finest antique Oriental rugs, antique Persian rugs, and vintage Moroccan rugs anywhere. We also offer a large selection of antique European rugs, like today’s Wednesday Wishlist piece: an antique Aubusson rug made in France in 1850. Aubusson rugs such as this piece are renowned for their graceful and elegant designs — often featuring exceptionally realistic depictions of flowers — as well as for their soothing and charming palette.

Since at least the fifteenth century, the French town of Aubusson has been famous for its extraordinary carpets and tapestries. Located in central France on the Creuse River, Aubusson is the birthplace of the some of the very finest rugs ever produced in Western Europe. Already a long established center of rug making by the eighteenth century, when evolving European sensibilities and tastes shifted from a preference for Oriental rugs toward a preference for more traditionally European styles, Aubusson was the natural place to turn for new pieces. Setting the trend for the explosion in popularity of Aubusson rugs during the eighteenth century were some famous leaders of France, including Louis XIV, Louis XVI, and le petit Caporal himself, Napoleon Bonaparte. Indeed, a 1786 inventory of the Palace of Versailles and a 1789 inventory of all French palaces reveal that literally hundreds of Aubussons decorated the finest homes in France in the latter half of the eighteenth century.

Today’s Wednesday Wishlist piece is a particularly attractive Aubusson carpet that showcases design elements that are traceable back to the reign of Louis XIV – the Sun King – whose long reign and extensive domestic and international successes make him one of the most influential French leaders in history. Characterized by a central series of leafy branches that outline a beautiful oval ivory medallion, this piece possesses an elegance that tells a centuries-old story of refinement. The dark tan frame – defined by elaborate, rococo C-scrolls – offers a beautiful level of contrast, and the magenta acanthus scroll provides further ornamentation. The beautiful and sumptuous corner-pieces effectively echo the ivory ground as well as the floral bouquets of the medallion. A unified and arrestingly beautiful piece, this Aubusson is special even among this elite class of rug: its profoundly vibrant coloration make it a stand out and unique achievement.

All in all, this beautiful Aubusson is an exemplary piece, the stunning beauty of which is a testament to the skill of the craftsmen responsible for its weaving. A timelessly elegant composition coupled with an incredible attention to detail make this rug not only an attractive decorative piece that would bring as much elegance and sophistication to a home of today as it would have to an eighteenth century French estate, but also make it a precious work of art. That the design of this rug is as immediately and profoundly beautiful today as it was centuries ago speaks to the artistic capabilities and incredible artisanal foresight possessed by its makers. Aubusson rugs are among the finest of antique rugs, and this Aubusson is among the finest of all Aubusson rugs — la crème de la crème.

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