Classic Anchor Medallion Design Antique Persian Room Size Heriz Area Rug 48316

Size: 7 ft 10 in x 11 ft 3 in (2.39 m x 3.43 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Characterized by a rich and complex design, this Heriz carpet exemplifies the tribal qualities that have made the style so enduringly popular.

Antique Persian Heriz Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: First Quarter of the Twentieth Century – Featuring a rich color palette and somewhat complex pattern, this room size antique Heriz carpet exemplifies the tribal qualities that have made the style so endearingly popular. A series of elaborate borders surround the piece, each featuring intricate floral and vine scroll detail work. Inner and outer borders of a pale blue surround a primary border of a much darker blue, which is resplendent with intriguing, geometric floral elements. These are joined together by rectilinear vine scrolls, the complexity of which reinforce the sophistication of this antique Persian carpet. Within the field, corner pieces of a soft blue give way to an ivory field. Though only occupying a relatively small portion of the carpet, this ivory portion stands out prominently, its ornamentation a brilliant contrast to its bright hue. Dominating the carpet is a monumental central medallion of red, layered with black and ivory. A series of compelling, abstract details dance throughout the medallion, all of which effectively tie in the medallion with the remainder of the composition. A beautiful and exciting work, this antique Persian Heriz carpet is a truly compelling example.

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