Brown Antique Romanian Geometric Design Flat Woven Bessarabian Kilim Rug 47037

Size: 5 ft 8 in x 8 ft 6 in (1.73 m x 2.59 m)

Crafted in the early 20th century, this charming Bessarabian kilim depicts naturalistic floral decorations imbued with warmth, whimsy and a touch of elegance.

Antique Bessarabian Kilim Rug, Origin: Romania, Circa: Early 20th Century – This antique Bessarabian Kilim from the historic Bessarabia region in the coutry of Romania, displays an archetypal floral pattern that embodies the romantic, pastoral style of the area. The opulent cocoa-brown field is dotted with bracts of woodland flowers and dainty botanical decorations that complement the earthy elegance of the robust ground. Graceful floral clusters with branching extensions and dainty leaflets form an earthy yet airy repeating pattern. The unique botanical style of Romania is captured in the stylized blossoms, charming oak-leaf accents and delicate comb-like details. Serpentine flower heads with slanting stems promenade around the edge of the field while highlighting the contrast between the fiery flowers and subdued green foliage. Monochromatic borders and edge pieces with crenellated contours frame the richly colored field while complementing the delicate style of the woodland flowers of this beautiful antique Bessarabian Kilim small rug.

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