Brown and Grey Modern Moroccan Style rug 60185

Size: 9 ft 4 in x 11 ft 2 in (2.84 m x 3.4 m)

Beautiful Brown and Grey Modern Moroccan Style Afghan Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – The bold, playful designs of vintage Moroccan rugs have inspired designers for many decades. The simple geometric shapes give them a primitive feel that is perfectly suited for modern interiors, too. Geometrics are a popular trend in today’s design styles, and this inspired modern Moroccan rug has a design that is simple yet perfectly suited for contemporary designs.

Charcoal and blue are considered the new neutrals in design trends. You can either choose to extend these colors throughout the room through the accessories that you choose, or you can use them to complement a wide range of color palettes that include warm, earthy tones.

The Moroccan Beni Ourain rug design has an intensity that gives it an ultramodern, industrial look. It is perfect for adding a graphic element to an urban environment of glass and steel. It would also add color to a black and white interior, or perhaps one that features neutral grays and deeper blues.

The look of the Moroccan Berber design rug was inspired by vintage area rugs, but the modern treatment of the designs creates a piece that allows you to combine elements from different periods and styles throughout the space. This rug would create a dramatic effect in an all white or all blue room. It is perfect for any room of the home, including entranceways, living rooms, and bedrooms. It would be the perfect complement in a modern kitchen with black or brushed steel accents.

The long pile of vintage shag Moroccan rugs creates a soft texture underfoot. The artist of this piece recreated this cozy feel by using hand-knotted rows with alternating flatweave rows. The pile was allowed to remain longer, as was done in the tradition of vintage Moroccan rugs. This adds texture to the space and creates a supple feel underfoot.

The creator of this Afghan woven area rug took the best elements of vintage Moroccan rugs and combined them with modern elements to create the perfect blend of past and present for your modern space. It is a modern area rug that features natural textures and natural colors, making it an excellent choice for an eco-chic, nature-inspired interior design.

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