Bold Jewel Tone Color Antique Tribal Geometric Persian Kurdish Hallway Runner Rug 46164

Size: 3 ft 6 in x 10 ft 10 in (1.07 m x 3.3 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This delightful antique Persian Kurdish rug depicts a stunning stacked-lozenge composition that is adorned with serrated edges and auspicious protection symbols.

Antique Persian Kurdish Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: Early 20th Century – Created by Kurdish weavers, this spectacular antique Persian rug incorporates a rich variety of clear, high-contrast colors that are paired with geometric symbols and graphic accents. The impressive composition includes a pillar of stacked lozenges with dramatic serrated edges that are rendered in contrasting colors. The staggered placement of each dramatic lozenge extends off the edges of the field adding a sense of infinite rapport to the continuous composition. Charming geometric animals, divided quadrilaterals and quincunx tic-tac-toe symbols decorate the black lava background and the bold hues of mossy green, vermillion, ultramarine blue and ochre that appear throughout this splendid carpet. Vibrant polychromatic borders encapsulate the colorful style and ancient symbolism featured in this sophisticated antique rug.

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