Bold Blue and Charcoal Color Geometric Mid Century Modern Vintage Swedish Judith Johansson Rug 46161

Size: 5 ft x 7 ft 7 in (1.52 m x 2.31 m)

Reminiscent of a decorative stained glass window, this magnificent vintage Scandinavian Kilim depicts a compartmental composition filled with geometric patterns.

Vintage Swedish Rug by Judith Johansson, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid-Century– This splendid vintage rug from Scandinavia by weaver and designer Judith Johansson features a striking compartmental composition with strong right-angle subdivisions. The elegant cobalt blue field and leaded lines feature subtle variegated textures that incorporate deep ultramarine blues and violet hues. The saturated blue background is juxtaposed against charcoal blacks, ashen grays, tourmaline pinks, lighter cornflower blues and delicate celadon greens. Charming color blocks emphasize the decorative geometric patterns and delicate cornerstones that are featured throughout the composition. The splendid tile pattern features a magnificent combination of monochromatic blocks, vertical lines, horizontal segments and intricately patterned windows that are adorned with colorful embellishments. This vintage Swedish rug artfully combines crisp geometric patterns with playful colors and inventive permutations that create a well-balanced composition.

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