Blue Background Antique Persian Qashqai Rug 71457

Size: 4 ft 10 in x 7 ft 2 in (1.47 m x 2.18 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Beautiful Tribal Blue Background Antique Persian Qashqai Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1910 – The antique tribal Persian Qashqai rugs have regal color combinations and a more primitive tribal feel. This village made Persian Qashqai is rich in the history of a nomadic people who travel between the Zagros Mountains and the Persian Gulf. The magnificent designs of their Persian rugs tend to use captivating color combinations and often have a playful spontaneity in their design.

The Qashqai do not have a written language, and the beautiful motifs of this antique tribal area rug are the result of thousands of years of oral tradition. The patterns are passed down using myth, story, and song. Their tribal history claims that some of these designs have been around for about one thousand years. The Qashqai are a bunch of loosely connected clans who all have unique traditions and stories that are woven into their magnificent antique rugs.

The women of Qashqai tend to have a strong sense of community that is written in the symbols and designs that are woven into their beautiful area rugs. Often, as many as six women weavers might work on a single rug. In this rug, you can see areas that have different tension, designs, and density of the motifs. In some places, it looks as if the design was abruptly stopped and started again, which caused it to shift a bit. When different motifs are repeated as you move up the rug, they are often in different colors. As the rug is wound onto the bottom of the loom, that which was woven first cannot be seen as a reference. Characteristics such as this make the piece even more charming because it shows the human element in the artistry.

One of the features that stands out about this extremely rare and collectible rug is the density and variety of symbols that are found in the background. This shows a complex repertoire that can only be gained through experience and knowledge. You can see many different abstract animals, florals, and geometrics. Some of the symbols include the scorpion, which is to protect against the sting of the scorpion. You can also find symbols for water and amulets to protect against the evil eye, among many others.

Antique rugs as exciting as this are getting more difficult to find. That is why it is exacting to come across such a gorgeous rug that combinations colors and tribal designs in such a unique and artistic way. It has a stately and elegant feel that would be perfect for a formal room, and it also has a rustic tribal quality. It would be perfect for a Boho chic room with its exotic style. Popular colors for this year include those that mimic spices, such as cayenne pepper and saffron. This rare sky blue color Persian Qashqai rug would make the perfect addition to a color palette that honors the ancient traditions that went into this exquisite carpet.

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