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Rugs for The Perfect Nook

Seven Small Rugs for The Perfect Nook The Perfect nook is often the most cherished space in one’s home. While it may be the smallest dwelling area, it is often a favorite for its ability to help us unplug. The perfect nook is for the escapist in everyone, ideal for reading, meditation, and resting. Ideally […]

Chinese Rugs for Beautiful Powder Room Boudoir Decor

Powder Room Boudoir Decor: Chinese Rugs to Fulfill Your Dressing Room Dreams… The powder room boudoir is a perfect place to decorate with feminine florals and vibrant colors, making Chinese rugs the answer to your dressing room dreams. In recently discovering the flourishing interior designer, Patrick Mele, we admire his use of antique and vintage rugs across the board, but we […]

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Tips For Interior Decorating With Antique Rugs

Decorating With Antique Rugs and Persian Carpets Decorating with Antique Rugs and Oriental Carpets — Adding an antique carpet to an interior space can drastically change the look of a room. While there are many different styles of antique rugs and vintage carpets to choose from, there are some tried-and-true rules to follow when it […]


Modern Decor With Vintage Rugs

Vintage Rug Taste with Modern Decor: Choosing the Perfect Vintage Rug Vintage Rug Taste with Modern Decor — Choosing the perfect vintage rug for your home is not as hard as it may sound. By using the right décor elements, you can give your home the perfect blend of quality and style. As I have experienced, it […]

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Festive Holiday Interior Design Makeover

Festive New Years and Holiday Interior Design Makeover Holiday Interior Design Makeover – Are you giving your interior design a makeover for Christmas or the New Year? Then you may want to consider changing out or upgrading your antique rugs as well. Rugs play an important role in interior design so choose antique carpets that can transition […]