Rare Large Cotton and Wool Antique Tabriz Persian Rug 48815

Size: 12 ft 3 in x 18 ft 9 in (3.73 m x 5.71 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Large Size Breathtaking Rare Cotton Antique Tabriz Persian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – A delicate white medallion spreads across the body of this regal antique Persian rug. The antique Persian Tabriz rug’s fine details reveal a floral pattern, centered around four matching, circular blossoms. Tendrils on the sides of the figure resolve into dainty flowers, each petal carefully stitched with minuscule blue details. The lacy medallion rests against a background streaked with shades of brown, reminiscent of a runner over a polished wood tabletop. This effect is heightened by the light-hued decorations in each corner, their curling edges and floral designs matching the lace-like delicacy of the centerpiece. A trio of borders completes the antique rug, each filled with elaborate floral stitch-work. The widest band, flanked by narrow strips of brown and white, is backed with a light blue that matches accents within the central area. Light-colored blossoms fill the space, stretching curling petals and leaves toward one another.

This exquisitely designed Persian antique large size rugs in tones of browns, blues, and ivory is a rare piece done in cotton and wool. It was produced in the late 19th century and is of a quality that one would expect to find in the palatial estates of the time. The rich browns and texture of the rug stand as a testimony to the artistic mastery of the weavers.

The design of this breathtaking and regal antique Persian rug features an elegantly rendered central medallion motif, pendants, and formal corners of beautiful scroll work and floral motifs. This theme carries out through the borders of the large antique Persian Tabriz rug. The rug artist who created this masterpiece used a textured brown ground that highlights the floral motif, yet it stands out as an artistic element on its own. It serves as a point of contrast in both color and design. Subtle differences in the shades of the brown are a result of the passage of time and give this rug a unique character and feel.

This is a remarkable large size, cotton and wool antique Tabriz Persian rug. No expense was spared when this piece was first created. Form the detail of the design to its brilliant use of colors that give it an elegant, yet earthy appeal to the materials used. Whoever first commissioned this piece to be woven wanted the best, and was willing to pay the price and wait the needed to create this work of art. The chocolate browns reflect the quality of earth, while the blues are reminiscent of the element of water. Combined with the floral motifs, this gives it an organic and natural ambiance that would work well in both traditional and contemporary designs. This piece would make an excellent addition to any collection of fine antique pieces and stands as an extraordinary historical work of art.

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