Beautiful Large Antique Renaissance French Savonnerie Rug 50184

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Size: 10 ft 2 in x 17 ft (3.1 m x 5.18 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Beautiful Free Flowing Large Size Antique French Renaissance Savonnerie Rug, Country Of Origin: France, Circa Date: 1900French rugs are characterized by their spectacular knotted weave pile and soft pastel colors. French style area rugs were heavily influenced by the convergence of Arab, Christian, Jewish and Berber populations on the Iberian peninsula. This rug is a classic representation of the beautiful types of area rugs from French – notice how the soft yellow and green pastels of this European Renaissance-style rug design of scrolling vines contrasts with the earthy browns on the outer edge and the center open field. Far less ornate than other traditional area rug styles, the relatively sparse design of this piece allows the eye to take in the fantastic color scheme.

A rich presentation springs to life in this French antique Savonnerie rug, calling attention to its gracefully rounded form, which contains flowing leaves, ferns and boughs, all artistically branching out from the centerpieces’ borders. A woody brown background creates a humbling presence for the rest of the ornate colors and patterns. The gracefully curling leaves are woven in an extravagant gold on their outside, while their inside features a splendid silver, with both sides visible in their curling paths. At strategic points around the flowing foliage and set in contrast against both the earthy background and the porcelain white foreground are gorgeous bouquets of pink roses.

A visage of luscious splendor, this antique French Savonnerie rug appears almost painted with warm color hues. The lightest cream in the field draws the eye to the exquisitely stitched bouquet surrounding the brown center. Rendered in complementary tones of pink, yellow, touches of green and light blue, a stunning wreath surrounds the centerpiece, all depicted with lifelike shading and looks. A beautiful array of free flowing shapes surround the center and tie in the different elements and designs. This creates fanciful flower filled ornaments that bestow a sense of artistic movement that is reminiscing of a beautiful flowering field on light summer day that is filled with joy and devoid of of any stress or cares.

This highly artistic antique French Savonnerie carpet is a truly magnificent example with such great movement, colors and pattern coming together in the most perfect and harmonious way. If you are in search of beautiful rugs that have a European influence, but want something that is that is unique and different, antique rugs like this French Savonnerie carpet would be hard to beat. It is one of those rugs that people buy for their home which will enhance your interior design while adding a truly remarkable and authentic piece of history.

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