Artistic Green Mid Century Modern Rug 60761

Size: 5 ft 1 in x 9 ft (1.55 m x 2.74 m)

Beautiful Artistic Green Mid Century Modern Rug, Rug Type / Origin: India, Circa Date: Modern Rug – This gorgeous mid century modern style area rug adds an artistic touch to any modern space. It uses simple geometric shapes and contrasts in a way that is both elegant and refined. It is perfect for styles such as minimalist, ultra-modern, transitional and industrial interiors. This area rug from India was inspired by the artwork and furniture styles of the mid 20th century. During this time, the artwork took on a technological feel that was based on simplicity in color and line. The emphasis was on form and creating a certain experience or feeling in the space.

This highly artistic area rug looks as if the pieces were laid on top of each other, making it perfect for carrying the layered rug theme interior throughout the rest of the space using throw pillows and accents. During the mid-20th century, artists explored the intersection between the built world and the organic one. They often did this by combining rounded shapes and using sharp lines and angles for contrast. In this piece, the artist used simple color-blocked shapes and incorporated a few wavy lines and patterns that resemble animal prints. This gives the modern rug a primitive feel and captures the Mid-century modern aesthetic perfectly.

This geometric area rug will allow you to create a mid century modern theme in the room by using authentic vintage or modern pieces that are designed to mimic authentic ones. Today, you can find furniture pieces inspired by MCM designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia, and Arne Jacobsen. You could continue the theme of the handmade area rug using furniture styles inspired by these great artists, or you could add a tufted couch and some modern poofs to soften the look to create a cozy and contemporary interior.

A few pieces of midcentury artwork could be the crowning touch to create a design that is balanced and that captures the flavor of retro-style design aesthetics but gives the room a fresh and contemporary look, too. This is a gorgeous and inspired MCM area rug design that will allow you to unleash your creativity for a design that is unique and expresses your personal style.

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