Artistic Gold Color Lion Design Vintage Red Background Persian Gashgai Rug 47556

Size: 3 ft x 4 ft (0.91 m x 1.22 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This amazing piece from Qashqai features a glorious Persian lion against a ruby red field. Rich cultural symbolism and mastery of craft amaze.

Here is an absolutely intriguing, breath-taking vintage Persian rug, a piece that is as immediately appealing as it is distinct. Characterized first by a sumptuous blood-red field against which the rest of the composition is set, this piece was clearly woven to draw in the attention of the observer – and in that it is very much successful. Set against the deep ruby hue of the background is the impressive presence of a Persian lion, woven forever in a pose of action, head bowed ominously. Masterfully wrought, this remarkable, ochre Persian lion is illustrated in incredible, from its amazing, almost living eyes to its wild and massive, intricate mane. The overall feeling communicated by this remarkable antique rug  from the famed Persian rug making region of Qashqai is one of deep awe: for both the incredible level of workmanship and the actual subject matter of this rug demand attention, and clearly communicate symbols and ideas that are rich components of a cultural tradition and identity. This masterpiece from the 1920’s is a stunning piece in a world of stunning, unique pieces. Over all, this gorgeous vintage Persian Qashqai rug from Persia is a truly stunning composition.

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