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Ivory Background Antique Indian Amritsar Rug 47438

$48,000.00 $38,500.00

Size: 13 ft x 18 ft 4 in (3.96 m x 5.59 m)
Origin: India Rugs

This ephemeral antique Amritsar composition from India is characterized by a palle of soft, inviting tones, as well as a soothing allover floral pattern.

Large and Decorative Antique Indian Amritsar Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 – This charmingly decorative antique Indian Amritsar rug is, for the most part, characterized by the ivory background, as well as by its beautiful flowing allover floral design. Throughout the piece, flowing, undulating floral and vine scroll elements twist and turn, creating a classically beautiful, luxurious allover pattern. The series of inner and outer borders that frame this graceful field are especially attractive, featuring charming floral elements. Also within the border is the only deviation from the monochromatic feel that goes into characterizing the rest of the piece – subtle though that deviation may be. Deep pink appears several times – four times on either side, and three times on each the top and bottom – punctuating the border and creating a fascinating energy that seems to ripple throughout the entire rug. A gorgeous and graceful composition, this antique Indian Amritsar rug is resplendent with classical beauty.

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