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Antique Indian Rug 50024

$48,000.00 $22,500.00

Size: 14 ft 9 in x 19 ft (4.5 m x 5.79 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Antique Indian Rug, India, Circa 1920 — Rich reds, vibrant blues, and bright shimmering golds light up this incredible antique Indian rug, circa 1920. Repeated throughout this rug is a detailed and elegant leaf-style motif. All around the border, elaborate leaves alternate, colored in a variety of shades from navy blue and deep crimson to yellow and white. As with many traditional rug styles and designs, in this piece we see multiple borders that seem to build upon one another, with varying patterns and designs seemingly repeated and yet modified at the same time. The end result is a singular piece in which all of these elements seem to come together in absolute beauty. The breathtaking detail of this rug in particular makes it a stand-out selection among other rugs of its kind.

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