Antique Chinese Rug 46185

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| Size: 4 ft 2 in x 6 ft (1.27 m x 1.83 m)Print

Elegant floral motifs and lotus blossoms with flourishing tendrils decorate this lovely antique Chinese rug while combining age-old symbols in an inventive manner.

Antique Chinese Rug, Origin: China, Circa: Early 20th Century – Created in China, this sophisticated antique rug features a restrained floral medallion that is set over an intricately patterned field. Elaborate spandrels that feature ornate outlines and grandiose botanical motifs with recurving leaflets create a dramatic frame that reflects the graceful blossoms that are featured in the central medallion. The intricate repeating pattern featured within the field provides an inventive alternative to the stark monochromatic colors that are found in many traditional Chinese rugs. The bold pinyin wan borders feature perspectival shading and alternating color segments that reflect the chic apricot pinks and deep Prussian blues that are featured within the formal field. Based on traditional design principles and motifs, this exceptional antique Chinese rug features a variety of classic details executed in a restrained color palette.

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