Antique Azerbaijan Silk Embroidery Textile 47367

Price: $49,000.00

| Size: 4 ft x 5 ft 4 in (1.22 m x 1.63 m)Print

Stitched by Azeri artisans on the fringe of Daghestan, this elaborate antique embroidered Kaitag displays a formal medallion decorated with symbolic figures.

Antique Silk Embroidery Textile, Country Of Origin: Daghestan / Azerbaijan, Circa Date: 18th century¬†– This commemorative antique silk ¬†embroidery textile celebrates the region’s unique artistic traditions, domestic art form and symbolic heritage. The sophisticated medallion composition is filled with familiar duality symbols and angular ornaments rendered in distinctive Caspian blues, clear white, muted olive green and vivid red. The central lozenge medallion is filled with burdock motifs, S-hook cartouches and botanical flourishes that are framed by ornamental compartments and a grand octagonal gul lined with protective latch hooks. Dramatic brackets, scrolling lightning bolts and arborescent figures set on contrasting backgrounds fill the remaining space while providing an effective segue to the understated leaf and S-hook borders. This definitive antique displays exceptional artistry and symbolic details created by a filamentous network of luxurious silk fibers colored with classical hues that have acquired a distinctive aged appearance.

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