Tribal Geometric Antique Turkish Konya Rug 71221

Size: 5 ft 4 in x 7 ft 4 in (1.63 m x 2.24 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Kazak Rugs

Amazing Antique Turkish Konya Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rug, Circa date: 1880 – The tribal antique Turkish Konya area rugs are some of the most beautiful and desirable in the world of hand-knotted pile rugs. The Turkish province of Konya, where these magnificent antique rugs come from, is a located on the southwestern edge of the Anatolian Plateau. This is a rich land that has been inhabited since the third millennium BCE. It is an area that is rich in history and one that has been the intersection of many different cultures throughout the centuries.

Konya rug designs and patterns use traditional symbols that have been a part of the landscape since Neolithic times. It is home to a wide range of plant materials that allowed the weavers of these antique Turkish rugs to produce a gorgeous range of brilliant colors. The bright hues and bold tribal geometric rug design give it a tribal an ancient nomadic feel that makes it perfect for a modern Boho Chic room.

It has a rustic rug quality that will blend well with other well-traveled pieces such as a few stacked vintage suitcases in the corner, an antique table, plant material, or perhaps a cozy chunky arm-knit throw. This tribal Konya rug has personality and charm, and it is a unique, one of a kind piece that will allow you to reflect your personality in your space.

Geometric rug designs are finding their way into modern interior designs to create a sense of formality and old-world style. This Turkish Konya rug looks like the beautiful tile patterns that you see in mosques and public buildings throughout the traditional homeland where these rugs were created. It would make a beautiful addition to add a regal character and formal feel to the room, or you could use its brilliant colors to create a more vibrant, contemporary design.

This antique Turkish Konya rug is a versatile piece that will make the perfect addition to a room of neutral colors or to blend in with other bright colors and bold patterns throughout the space. It is a charming piece that is perfectly suitable for your city apartment or country cottage.

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